When someone shows you who they’re the first time, believe them!

That’s who they legitimately are!

We try to see wholesome-ness in everyone no matter what! That’s why we give people second and third chances- making impact is important to us. However, life tends to lecture us the hard way, that sometimes our souls and desires, don’t align with others’… and we all need to accept it.

We instantly apprehend something is missing when we meet people for the first time. We know we’re going to waste our time with this person from sheer auditing them speak. We realize they are not the ones from the gestures and interactions! We grasp at once that what we hoped would be something special, will be a wild goose chase. And even when we drill it, get creative and push, these people will never change for us! (Especially for relationships)

People give us automated signs we need to back off, always. Folks for instance refuse to commit to anything, play the victim all the time, exert control and exhibit greed for material like on another level!

However usually we sweep this shit under the rag and try to find grace in these people, even after vivid indicators that they are plainly trash!

Tell you what? I’m no motivational speaker or relationship coach but as one who has been on the familiar road, I know for a fact, you’ll never be good enough for the wrong person!

Ever met someone you were really genial to? Did even the unsolvable to make this person feel loved, offered yourself and all the great stuff the world aches for, but this person just odds and ends everything like you didn’t ever exit? It sucks. But when it happens, accept it.

Because relationships never cease to get off a bad start. For the ladies for instance, we meet guys who from the moment of affair don’t even try to hide it. They just anticipate for that moment they will pull off their pants and get inside of us. And most of us realize dudes are total whores but still push for the better. What exactly makes you think you can change someone?

Consider the fact that maybe God closed the door because he knew you were worthy so much more- Stephan Speaks

We meet people every day that ask of us shit they would never be comfortable doing but expect us to endure the undesirable behavior.

These are people who always play the martyr and make us feel like there’s something wrong with us. They prefer you let their mistakes slide and talking about it, according to them, makes you come off as emotional, you’re always spilling feelings allover the place!

But see, when you don’t talk about what you want and how you desire to be treated, you might as well consider yourself an employee on a job. You lose your power and let the other person hold the cards.

You either say what you want from the start so you don’t end up doing anything to have these people! Because we literally end up doing anything!

And I’ve said it before and I will say it again, if someone doesn’t make you happier or changes you for the better, stop wasting your damn time! And that will only happen if you put an end to what doesn’t build, right from the start.

Because the thing is, usually what starts out as harmless, ends up in many dysfunctional ways! Before you know it, you’re trapped in a 5-year situationship, you’ve a baby with the lunatic, or you’re married. Yet you knew, it was wrong from the start.

Talk about how you want to be treated from the start, if mistakes are not eradicated, do yourself a favour and make exit.

Author. Avid Reader. Super realistic. Feminist. *Quality over Quantity