How to beat procrastination whilst quarantining!

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I’ll admit it: until Tuesday last week, I was part of the 90% students who had long-touched their readers since schools closed!

I want to boldly point the finger to the context but hey, we allow it possess us!

The introductory weeks to social distancing had me fooling my family; time to time looking and feeling busy but in the sense not being productive. Hours elapsing with me purely scrolling through the same Apps on my phone, watching up-to-minute films, then like a worn out fellow taking a 30 minutes or so sleep break and booze having my full scrutiny at dusk- on all counts taking a blind eye on the important tasks at hand, but promising myself to give them my undivided attention the next day. That’s how I was of insignificance for days!

Procrastination is a habit of delaying something important. You want to be beneficial but for some reason you fail to. And sad enough, you don’t realize it’s becoming a little devil until you’re literally fidgeting to finish something on the last hour, cursing yourself every second on why you didn’t give a project time. Oh how my face silently lit up whenever I calculated the quarantine days left! For a girl still had time to finish her coursework! Or so she thought… until she she grasped she wasn’t simply postponing deadlines- she was trapped in serious procrastination!

Because the end result of this pandemic, is that it affects the quality of the work you deliver… remember the last time you jammed on projects? Without doubt, chances are high that they came out messy!

We think we have time and it has resulted into us laying back. We swap workouts and plans to rest. That’s how we have irrelevant dreams.

We want to be productive but we can’t! Apparently being at home doesn’t let us, we’ve claimed.

Yet again that’s just a mindset. Because despite the context of confinement, you can still be useful if you decide to. However if you can’t, try out these simple strategies;

  1. Plan your entire day out.

Set tasks and goals for the day with timelines. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s called social distancing not lazy distancing. You said you wanted to work that fat this week, why haven’t you yet? Why isn’t your house deep cleaned yet home got you 24/7? Plan your day out and break it into routines. Set reminders of tasks. Wake up early and make yourself productive other than rising up to music. How about enrolling for an online course and reading some books to advance your diction? How about starting on that project you last opened before self isolation? Only after mental exhaustion, should you take a break.

2. Change scenery

As much as we’re imprisoned in our homes, you can still change sets for example instead of working from your bedroom where it’s inevitable to catch a thousand winks, you can sweat from the living room or outside. Take a walk. Tell you what? There’s magic in changing scenery and postures. I change sitting poses 3 to 5 times when I’m writing and somehow, whenever I transition, it’s like a mind reset. Every scene sparks a new idea.

3. Get a motivational buddy or for the students a study buddy.

One of the reasons I have been able to write everyday for a month now, is because I have the best motivational buddies; readers who impatiently wait for my next blog and applaud me nuts for every post. That’s motivation enough! Having a task buddy in this quarantine will help you set timelines because you’re in this together and it will help you accomplish more. Because anyways, how do you sleep comfortably knowing you did absolutely nothing productive in the day?

4. Get off social media and do power hours!

Spare 1 to 2 hours in a day to read a book, to write a blog, to improve your skills. Just 2 hours! When you start small, you can always add up unlike when you just sit back! But if your plan is to hang out with greatest limiter of productivity among them all, well, why not stay irrelevant?

5. Assume that task you’re procrastinating about is a job and you’re going to be rewarded.

Earlier this week, a friend quizzed me about how I’ve been able to write everyday. Folks, it’s commitment! It’s a choice to be productive or not and personally I don’t allow myself to watch any movies or listen to music before I’ve been useful to myself and others. Earn the entertainment!

Procrastination has been around since the start of modern civilization. Historical figures like Herodotus, Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Benjamin Franklin, Eleanor Roosevelt, and hundreds of others have talked about how procrastination is the enemy of results.

So, it’s not just you procrastinating. Everyone has at some point, but it’s simply a matter of self regulation- choose to be nice to yourself by and staying productive, you’ll love the results.

The man who waits to know everything is the one who never does anything- Craig D. Lounsbrough

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