Prossy M. Nansubuga

Mar 31, 2020

3 min read

Careful what you feed your mind!

98% of our problems would be solved if we stopped overthinking and calmed the fuck down!

On one tipsy night, I lured my roomate into opening up about her then failed relationship which she had literally built castles for in the last month.

“You looked so happy,” I complimented with an obvious expression of ‘ but what happened?’

Overthinking is the art of creating problems that weren’t even there

We want control. We hope to control outcomes of everything. And so we train our minds to look for holes in every story, bad in every person… too good is suspicious to us! We keep searching for hidden meanings in things people say even if the’re aren’t any. And when shit doesn’t make sense, we analyse it until it does.

For my roommate’s relationship, it was simply overthinking: From the moment she met this guy, she sought the impeccable from him which came with hefty expectations. When her expectations weren’t revived, she degenerated into another thought phase which mapped assumptions. Every time she was offended, instead of opening up, she had made choice to become a selective extrovert who doesn’t let people explain their actions but comes up with her own conclusions. She let her conscious feed her the worst assumptions about the guy you can only imagine.

Overthinking is a common issue that I believe at some point, we’ve all been prone to.

We literally break our own hearts everyday by daydreaming of our partners like they’re Greek gods. From the moment we meet them, we’ve a board engrossed with hallucinations. And when they don’t bring our thoughts to life, we lose it.

Life isn’t what we want it to be. Things fail to workout multiple times and we lose sleep. When we go to bed, we do a recap of how we failed, how we never succeed at anything. We even concur with our limiting beliefs and conclude that we’re indeed doomed and lazy, causing our minds to feel heavy and our hearts ache.

However the truth is, whether you’re over-analysing a relationship, work, ruminating mistakes you’ve done in the past, worrying about the uncertainty of your future or pending bills, the end result of overthinking is that it’s going to only earn you unhappiness, anxiety and loss of opportunities.

Our thoughts affect our mood, attitude and entire outlook. Do you ever see someone just quiet and sad, not even aware of their surroundings? Those people are usually replaying their failures.

Whatever you give your attention, it will become your experience

Whatever you focus on, you’ll find. If you focus on seeing good in other people and life, positivity will come your way. If you focus on beating yourself up about how you screwed up at work, you won’t actively command your mind to seek for solutions.

We continously hold grudges on people we never give opportunity to explain but instead conform with our conscious.

How about if we all just relaxed?

What if we stopped making little things bigger and scarier in our heads? What if we commanded our minds to think better instead of demeaning ourselves? What if we used our minds to creativity?

Whatever we focus on, we find.

Reprogram your mind to work for you not against you. Instead of thinking about what you can’t change, how about you contemplate on what you can do? Ideas come to us when we think about positivity, motivation and inspiration, not failures.

We want to work smarter and we can’t if our minds are capsized with negativity instead of positivity.

Stop worrying about what can go wrong, and get excited about what can go right- Buddha