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So I recently quit another job! It was a writing gig where I pitched stories for an online publication, basically playing journalist to appeal to the readers' gratification of political information.

Some of my stories went viral and I rejoiced on the thought that I was being published in one…

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1,3, 6 months ago, I was in love. I met him and I was stunned. My soul had been alone for sometime that I found myself beaming back to back because of all the sudden attention and company. …

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Accept who you are, she affirms. It’s okay not to fit in.

Recognize what you’re struggling with and do something about it…

Gal, I don’t think I will ever digest how you even let yourself get “heartbroken” in Uganda! Like expand your romantic circle. …

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I’ve been down the unemployment avenue…To be precise, flat-broke!

Being poverty-stricken is abnormally tough on the mind if not ulcer-inducing. …

Give yourself as much as you’d to and expect from others

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I was part of the conservatives — the folks that stigmatize friends for buying themselves flowers for instance.

I was terribly under a spell of society antiquities — that in life, somebody else, especially the gents have to do all the wooing!

That holding oneself with high regard was pathetic…

When the going gets tough, how quick are you to point fingers at others?

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Friends and I often ridicule our education system in Uganda. To sum it up, it’s always indicated hogwash. For picture this, there’s an alarming gap between school itself and our college achievements. The state of our study curriculums is lousy and the assessment system is mostly just rubbish, we comment…

Okay, some of you are going to freeeeaakk!! Anyhoo, grab your Bibles , I’m about to sound like an evangelist… lol

So I’ve been streaming a whole lot of Joel Osteen lately! (There!) Osteen is an American pastor based in Texas, Houston. There was a time precedently when things didn’t…

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A couple of days ago, my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even Tiktok were off the pace. It was indescribable torture folks!

For okay, visualize this! You log onto Facebook and what’s supposed to be your present newsfeed is displayed as twelve hours ago… Apparent notifications popping up as yesterday’s and as…

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Have we met? If we haven’t congratulations, I’m quite annoying!

I mean if you’re one that easily gets cramped by “talkers,” not exactly open to calculated humor, you might as well banish me after a minute in your presence, your majesty!

I use flattering terms while speaking about myself… Ask…

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Folks, remember when I ventured into blogging earlier this year? The 32 days challenge having me on a streak to capaciously, actually publish here 2 blogs in one day? I was fire, Yo!

Every morning I woke up with an urge to breathe brilliance into an idea… And so back…

Prossy M. Nansubuga

Author. Avid Reader. Super realistic. Feminist. *Quality over Quantity

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